Face the Feelings

I’m on this journey with Beth. Not only is she doing amazing work as the client, but she is a highly intuitive coach! What are you hungry for?

The Black Ant Blog

I’ve been on the Innergetics journey almost seven months now.  During these months, I have done a lot of work, peeling off the layers, exposing everything that is not physical hunger!  There has been so much to work through!

Each time I go to put food in my mouth and I realise “I’m not actually hungry”, I go through a process of working out  — what am I —

  • avoiding
  • stuffing down
  • drowning my sorrows
  • storing away to deal with later

And then there is the eating because of boredom, stress or overwhelm.  There are the times I am worried and simply prefer to eat than to face the situation.

How often have I, in the past:

  1. eaten on the run?
  2. fit in eating between appointments, wolfing down the food at my desk before I get going again?
  3. taken care of everyone else, and then sat down to a cold…

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