Creamy Coconut Curry Mac & Cheese (VEGAN)

Coconut Curry Mac & Cheese (Vegan)

Holy Moly, this is AMAZING!

This incredible recipe arose out of the need to experiment with ingredients I had on hand. Namely, I set out to make vegan Mac & Cheese and needed 3 cans of coconut milk, but only had 2 in the pantry. I couldn’t run to the market because my granddaughter, who I was caring for, was sleeping. So, I started poking around for alternatives and decided to use a jar of Coconut Curry Sauce that was in the cupboard.

This decision turned out to be a GAME CHANGER!

Not only is this VEGAN Mac and Cheese super creamy, it has a subtle kick to it… curry (and jalapeƱo, which is an ingredient in the curry sauce). If you like curry, you’ll love this dish!

This is my new favorite pasta dish!

Coconut Curry Mac & Cheese Recipe

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